• A good alternatvie

    Liquid and creamy make-up products are taken from our brush made of synthetic hair with its smooth surface particularly well. The brush can be cleaned easily after use. Ideal for applying makeup and concealer and for allergic persons and vegans the perfect alternative to natural bristles!

  • Out of Bed

    Gegen wirre Köpfe

    He is one of the oldest body care utensils at all – the comb! With a rough jagged ridge thick and curly hair can be unravelled quickly and in an uncomplicated way. TITANIA® combs are of finest quality and are Made in Germany!

  • Better than a washcloth

    Besser als Waschlappen

    Down with the make-up , it is called before bedtime at the latest. With a TITANIA® make-up remover pad from pure plant fibers your make-up can be easily removed with the before applied cleaning product and thus removes make-up gently and thoroughly .

  • Small massage anyone?

    Kleine Massage gefällig

    The TITANIA® facial massage brush proves itself, without much effort, as a little but effective “helper” in your everydays’ beauty: Simply put your cleaning product to the moistened brush and then circle gently over your wet face. Through this massage the oxygenation of your facial tissue is stimulated. After applying, your skin feels pleasantly smooth. Dead skin cells are effectively removed and your pores feel liberated!

  • Fit for lacque

    Alles im Lack

    Summer means outdoor season – for the feet. Thus toenails can look pretty flashy out of your sandals , it requires a little wizard when applying lacque . The TITANIA® nail painting aid prevents smudging freshly painted nails. Because they spread the toes, so that with a paint brush you paint on your nails and nowhere else . The odorless, dimensionally stable and washable beauty utensil can be used several times.

  • Tender Feet

    Zarte Füße

    over night…
    Cold and rough feet? This trick helps against both. Take a well-tempered foot bath with Titania® foot bath salt, afterwards apply a thick layer of Titania® foot butter on your feet. Then slip into old cotton socks and leave the nursing work overnight!

  • Rub to awake!

    Wach gerubbelt

    A dry brush massage stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells of the skin. Applied in the morning it hels against your morning perk. Always start away from the heart and massage, for example, first the outer and then the inner surfaces of the hands, before moving on to the rest of the body.

  • Shine without nail polish

    Glanz ganz ohne Lack

    Shine without nail polish
    Who wants to make fingernails shine naturally in the right light can reach this with the TITANIA® polishing file. The effect is so “effective” that it seems like nailpolish would have been applied. The TITANIA® polishing file with different grained regions compensates uneven surfaces and eliminates surface stains. It brings the nails quickly to a great and naturally looking shine.

  • The big tingling…..

    Das grosse Kribbeln

    Velvety soft and smooth your skin feels after a pampering it with our exfoliating sponge. To do this, put a dollop of peeling, scrub or body wash onto our damp sponge and massage your skin in gentle, circular motions. This promotes blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and gives you a wonderful freshness. Another plus: your skin can absorb the nourishing ingredients of your favorite lotion or your TITANIA® effects product afterwards even better. We deliver our shower sponges in 5 different colors assorted.

  • How to remove excess cuticle

    Ran an die Nagelhaut!

    Well-groomed and beautiful nails need more than just file and polish. The TITANIA® manicure stick and cuticle knives have 2 ends and complete your perfect nail care. After a warm hand soak use the flat end that resembles a horse’s hoof and push back the cuticle gently. With the cuticle cutter then remove the excess cuticle. TITANIA® cuticle knifes are available in different variants, such as in 4 different softtouch colors, but also in 2 purple and pink, “Made for Girls”.

    We hope you enjoy a perfect manicure with professional TITANIA® instruments!

  • Bathing with pleasure!

    Badevergnügen pur

    Would you like a “little sea”? Treat yourself and your skin in a natural way with TITANIA® bath crystals!

    The basis for our bath crystals are natural salts derived in part from the Dead Sea. Fragrances and dyes are added. For people prone to oily skin they are more suitable than bath oils or cream baths. In the salts are different minerals that preserve your skin. The fragrant essences promote relaxation in parts of your body and muscles.

    Our bath cristals dissolve in warm water quickly. The temperature should not be higher than 38 degrees C. A bath for 20 minutes should not be exceeded. Those who have a low blood pressure can refresh and stabilize its cycle by taking a short cold shower after bathing.


  • The best sponge technique

    Die richtige Pudertechnik


    Sponge Technique

    How do fit
    damp sponge and dry powder together? Pretty good for a perfect make-up. Dampen the sponge only very slightly and carefully put the loose powder on it. Dab the powder in fast movements on the facial skin, which may initially look a little spotty. Repeatedly dabbing with the sponge and the powder unite the powder with the foundation and create an even result.

  • About feet

    Facts zum Fuss
    • Depending on our kind of job, we make an average of approx. 10.000 steps per day
    • In one lifetime, we walk roundabout 160.000 kilometers, means 3 times around our globe
    •  92 % of people have problems with their feet and suffer from pain
    • The main foot problems are corns, hard skin and dry, chapped skin
    • In each of our feet are roundabout 7.000 nervs
    • In each foot are more respiratory glands than in any other part of our body: 3.000 on only  6,5 square centimeters: which means roughly 125.000 in each foot!
  • Pressure on your feet?

    Wenn der Schuh mal drückt

    After a long summer time, our feet must now get used to staying again in socks and in closed shoes. Blisters can easily occur. In the unpleasant case of a blister, please do not try to “open” it with a needle. The blister could infect and cause you even more pain afterwards. We suggest to use special blister plasters, like the ones from TITANIA®. Blister plaster protect the skin, take the pressure off and lead to a quicker healing.

  • Offer a pleasant and relaxating Foothbath to your feet!


    TITANIA® Footbath refreshes, revitalizes and deodorizes tired feet.

    Minerals in the Dead Sea salt have a stimulating effect and restore balance.

    Regular use of our Footbath prevents foot odour and the occurence of athlete’s foot. Softens calluses and hard skin. For easy removal of callouses, use the TITANIA® pumice sponge or TITANIA® callous reducer, then care your feet with TITANIA® foot balsam or TITANIA® revitalizing care cream.

    Put 1 table spoon (approx. 25 g) per liter in warm water and bath your feet for 10 to 20 minutes.


  • Summer – Sun – Sandals!


    Groomed feet are a “must” in summer time,

    especially when you like to wear sandals.

    TITANIA® is the leading European manufacturer of foot care articles.

    We recommend to start a nice “cure” for your feet with a foot bath with our foot salts. Afterwards, you can use our foot rasp for taking off the hard skin of your feet. Our foot rasp is made of stainless steel, is easy to be cleaned under warm running water and guarantees a hygienic use the next time you need it.

    Soften your skin with our double sided foot file. The file has one soft and one rough emery side, so you can decide yourself, if your skin is in need of more or less further treatment. Finally, we recommend to use a huge portion of our softening and calming TITANIA® foot balsam,
    for giving the “final touch” to your freshly groomed feet.

    And now: a wonderful summer time, to you and to your feet!

  • No knods – no frizz!

    Keine Knoten - kein frizz!

    Detangling brushes unravel the hair so easily! That’s why they are used by stylists and hairdressers. Easy and fast detangling of wet and dry hair – the different length of the nylon pins ensure a special shine and protection of the hair, due to the admixture of keratin and argan oil! Due to its special shape, the TITANIA® brush is easy to handle and is suitable for all hair types as well as for extensions. In various modern, peppy colors available.