Since 1945, TITANIA® has been making quality instruments and cosmetic products, suitable from head to feet, for the whole family! As full range provider, we currently sell a total volume of 36 million items in actually 120 countries, featuring some 1,300 different articles. Thanks to our development department, tool construction and our own production facilities with, on average, 300 members of staff, we are at all times able to adapt flexibility to the requirement of the market and our customers around the world.


TITANIA® is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of body care products and mostly independent of suppliers. Only a part of our range is purchased, as an additional service offered to our customers. Our company is operated in accordance with the cosmetic directive, in accordance with C-GMP guidelines and is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 ff. We offer you high-quality, durable products that are reliable both in use and effectiveness thanks to the care we take in selecting audited partners and our production facilities in Germany.


TITANIA® is your competent worldwide partner with decades of experience: we have the right product for every need! For the entire family! From head to feet! Made in Germany!


Design and Colors


The design of TITANIA® products and packaging is based on the ”Universal Design” concept. This was developed by leading American designers at the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University. This work group made up of architects, engineers and designers developed 7 principles of universal design:


  • Design for all
  • Accessible design
  • Wide usability
  • Internationality
  • Emotionality
  • Use of imagery
  • Use of icons


The photographs on the new packaging were taken by a renowned photographer specifically for TITANIA® are designed to let every customer know, at a glance, for which part of the body „from head to feet“ the product inside the packaging is suitable for. Our modern, aesthetic design reflects the identity, quality and competence of the German brand TITANIA®.

The new and strong colours have been selected from amongst the world’s most popular trending colours, leading agencies such as the one employed by TITANIA® investigate and determine the trending colours for the coming years, for example, for the fashion industry but also for the consumer industry. At the same time, we took into account the fact that the new design represents an evolution of the previous, worldwide successful TITANIA® product and packaging designs and should remain compatible with existing TITANIA® products at the POS.

Packaging sizes and types have been optimised in order to best utilise our customers’ sales areas and at the same time to signal the high quality and competence of our German brand to the consumer by way of the Universal Design.

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